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January 25, 2021 -Family Mental Health & Wellness Forum


Emotion Coaching – Dan Thiessen


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It’s all about the Nail

Emotion Coaching Clip – Fixing vs. Validating (Joy & Sadness Inside Out clip)

Book: Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child: The Heart of Parenting by John Gottman


  • Parenting struggle with regulating my own emotions when dealing with 6 y/o? If we are not regulated as parents, it is practically impossible to regulate our children. First is realizing I am not regulated myself. Take a few minutes to compose myself. Breathing technique. Imagine smelling a flower (breathe in through the nose, pleasant visualization…after that, imagine blowing bubbles in the water in the swimming pool).

  • How important is it to name our own or our child’s emotions? Role modelling for our children is the best teaching technique

Emotional Regulation and Calming Spaces  - Brenna Pennell, Cheryl Wallace, Beth-Ann Cullen

Click here to see the presentation Links to resources mentioned:

Book: Body Remembers (RE: ACES)



  • Teenager going between Mom & Dad’s house. Not wanting to communicate. How to decrease unnecessary stress? Find a spot where both people are comfortable talking. Hard to find a space where they feel like sharing. Car may be your primary spot. Most kids will talk in a car. They have nowhere to go!

  • How to make a joy basket at home – sensory activities for teens? Pictures of happy memories. Most of them would like tangles. They are hard to put together or apart. Aaron’s thinking putty (harder playdoh). Putty changes colour, and teens seem to communicate better when touching it.

MPSD Community Resource Guide -click here

Monica Thimer – Family Smart Services & Peer Support

Family Smart – video

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